Dirty Tiles can be a real problem especially if your tiles have a design that makes them porous on the surface. Any kind of indentation in a tile pattern can slowly collect dirt over the years that is very hard to remove with regular household cleaning.  This is where a professional tile and grout cleaning company can help you because anything that regular cleaning cannot remove is a good indicator it is time for a restoration clean.

How did I get such dirty tiles ?

Well there are many reasons for this but the main ones are cleaning too much or not cleaning enough. Cleaning too often with a very soapy or harsh cleaning product can cause residues to collect on the surface which attract even more dirt.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

A professional tile and grout cleaning service like Surface Master can use a much more powerful cleaner on your dirty tiles and then use high pressure high heat equipment to rinse the product away along with the years of dirt build up. The results of a professional tile and grout cleaning can often be nothing short of amazing and leave customers very happy indeed that they chose us.

Sealing as an option

Sealing of tile and grout can only be performed on freshly cleaned floors even if your floors are brand new, so if you get a cleaning company in you should also consider an option to put a sealer down afterwards. Surface Master uses a quality sealer, which, when applied and maintained correctly, can last 5 years or more.

After your tiles are cleaned

After your tiles are cleaned we can leave you with a maintenance sheet and a free sample bottle of a non abrasive neutral tile cleaning product that is environmentally friendly and will help your tiles stay in their clean condition for much longer.