Carpet cleaning

Carpets are great decor items but also experience the most foot traffic. They absorb dust, particles, and other allergens that may blow into your home.

With time, the accumulation of these allergens could reduce indoor air quality and trigger some respiratory conditions like asthma.

In the worst-case scenario, you, your children and guests may end up with nasal congestion and itchy eyes while they sneeze endlessly.

Things do not have to get out of hand. Instead, you can contact our friendly and helpful professionals for quality carpet cleaning.

We have everything needed to restore your carpet. If you or a loved one in your home have respiratory conditions ask us about our Hypoallergenic carpet & upholstery treatments. 

More importantly, we are passionate about the business, which puts us at the forefront of top carpet cleaning businesses in the neighborhood.

Why choose us as your Carpet cleaning experts?

We have been the professional carpet cleaning company to trust for over 12 years. Our carpet cleaning services only keep improving as we garner more experience in the field and get better equipment for the job.

Our cleaning products and machines remove common household allergens, leaving your carpet cleaner and safer for your children and pets.

Most importantly, we use safe cleaning solutions. Over the years, our local, trusted, family-owned business has expanded to serve hundreds of clients.

We operate with top-quality products and machinery that cleans your carpet without damaging the fibers.

We also have a team of super passionate carpet cleaning technicians.

This group of friendly and helpful staff undergoes training and certification per the industry standard, which guarantees a great job when hired.

Our services keep improving as we continue to serve our clients that keep coming back to us for obvious reasons. Let us serve you also.

We are time conscious

We understand that it's so frustrating when you hire a company and your expected to just wait around all day for them to turn up (if they turn up). With Surface Master we provide you with an  arrival time & keep you informed with arrival times if we are running early or late.   

We are insured

All our services come with an insurance cover. So, you can relax, knowing that if we are ever at fault, we will take responsibility for the compensation.

#1 in service support and workmanship

We thrive because of you. And we value you as the customer, hence our dedication to sorting out all your needs at any time.

Friendly and helpful professional technicians

When you call us for a carpet cleaning service, we do all the heavy lifting. You can relax and wait for the best carpet cleaning service.

Background checks on our employees

Our business involves going into people’s homes. So, to boost the confidence of our clients, we do background checks for all our employees and only hire the best for your peace of mind.

Trained and certified to industry standards

All our carpet cleaners have undergone training and are certified as per the carpet cleaning industry standards.

Carpet deodorizing

Sometimes, a carpet may be too dirty to the point where it accumulates an odor.

Even after cleaning, these odors may be hard to eliminate, so we offer a carpet deodorizing/ odour treatment service as part of our carpet cleaning business.

Our Odour treatment help neutralize and breakdown the odors and bacteria  from water damage, pets, kids, and more.

And rather than masking them with a more pungent scent, we use cleaning agents that remove the pungent smells from your carpet.

The deodorizers neutralize the smell rather than covering them up for a short while.

So, when you let our carpet cleaning business visit you, you can be sure to walk away with a clean, fresh, and healthier carpet or rug.

We take carpet cleaning seriously and offer competitive market standards for our cleaning.


"Our highly trained and experienced professionals understand how cleaning works.

That is why we endeavour to remove up to 95% of household allergens from your carpet in one wash."